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A two day workshop - March 30 - 31 / 10am - 6pm

Mova Gallery - 421 Haight St.  San Francisco, CA

Early Bird discount $260 until the end of February! (regular price $280)


Students in the class can expect to learn about digital sculpting, 3D computer graphics, and how it can be integrated into a number of art forms including sculpture, jewelry design, practical object creation, digital art, and animation. You will also learn about prominent artists that use 3D graphics and other digital tools to create their work and some of the techniques they employ to create art.

The process of learning about 3D sculpting will begin with learning about the basic software interface and controls. You will be able to dive directly into sculpting and learning about different sculpting techniques on the first day. In addition to live demonstrations that you can follow in class, there will be open studio time to receive feedback and additional instruction.

You will leave the class with a solid foundation of how to create sculptural forms in ZBrush along with a deeper understanding of how to apply sculpting and 3D creation to your art.

The current field of digital art is exploding and is having an incredible influence on the visionary art movement. Exciting new frontiers of expression are opening up in this new era of artist-friendly digital tools and affordable hardware. A few new creative areas that utilize digital art include fine art, mixed media art, sculpture, video projection, stage/installation art, architectural design, animation, virtual reality, augmented/mixed reality, and interactive art. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of applications that use digital art as a means of expression is constantly growing.


The primary software that will be used in the class is ZBrush and Photoshop. You must bring a laptop or equivalent with the software installed to participate. Trial versions of ZBrush and the Adobe Creative Suite are available online and can be used for the workshop. Although not required, It is recommended that you have a digital drawing tablet or screen that you can draw and sculpt on in order to take full advantage of the software and lessons in the workshop.


Ben Ridgway is an associate professor at San Francisco State University in the School of Cinema.

"I am an innerspace excavator. My goal is to dig deep into the inner spacial worlds we inhabit and bring them into physical form. Where words fall short, visual language, sound, and all of the senses can be used to communicate worlds of abstraction in a universally understandable manner."