Garden of Fernal Delights


A selection of my films will be screening at the Garden of Fernal Delights in San Francisco May 30-June 30

THE GARDEN The Fernal concept was conceived by artist Gromyko Semper as a lush and verdant antithesis to the Infernal. His developing universe evoked the image of a contemporary ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ (by the 16th century Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch). As Gromyko revealed his concept, we both came to realize how many of our contemporaries were naturally Fernal. Whether lowbrow, visionary, surrealist, outsider, fantastic, or magic realists, the Fernal universe was already being expressed through fantastic landscapes and botany, surreal species and architecture, magically divine symbolism. It was so rich that I proposed to catalogue this co-created Fernal universe in an Encyclopædia. Thus the birth of this book, its exhibits and events. Bruce Rimell rapidly found his way into the core of our Fernal fantasy. We became three to brainstorm, invent stories together and develop a foundation for the Garden, which we describe as such: The Garden of Fernal Delights is a sublime and paradisiacal place where all the delights of the natural world from the sexual to the surreal, the visionary to the instinctive, are celebrated as fundamental joys of being alive. The Garden is a multi-dimensional place where all is conscious and divinely intelligent from the animal to mineral to vegetable to the etheric. All can communicate, co-create, cooperate. This Garden of Delights knows no violence, no notion of original sin, no hierarchy, no fixed temporal system. Rather it is a place of magic, of play and playfulness. It resides in the Garden of the heart and has no limit to its creativity. From here, I was able to build the structure and design of the book in order for artists to collaborate.


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