Cosmic Flower Unfolding – ANIMA MUNDI, Brazil


Cosmic flower Unfolding will be featured at the 22nd International Animation Festival of Brazil, ANIMA MUNDI 2014 as part of their Gallery selection.

ANIMA MUNDI, the biggest Animation event in Latin America aims to inform, educate and entertain by bringing the newest works and trends in the language of animation, with films and artists from all over the world.

The first edition of Anima Mundi happened in 1993, in Rio de Janeiro. The festival was created by a group of animators and filmmakers who wanted to raise awareness about animated productions and films in Brazil.

The Anima Mundi crew is responsible for several other activities including Anima Escola which teaches animation in several public schools in Brasil and the Anima Mundi Intinerante that shows selected films in several other cities in Brazil.

There is a contest of web and cellular phone animation that runs concurrently with the festival named Anima Mundi Web and Anima Mundi Cell. The participant animations are chosen by the public on the internet (a registration is required to vote) and the winner has their movie shown in the festival sessions.

In the main area of the festival there are several mini-workshops that teach the public how to animate in several styles (pixilation, stop motion, hand drawn).


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