Cosmic Flower Unfolding – World Premiere – ASIFA-SF 2nd ANNUAL SPRING SHOW

The world premiere of my film “Cosmic Flower Unfolding” will be at the ASIFA-SF 2nd Annual Spring Show.

When: SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 1:30 PM

Where: Randall Jr. Museums’ Theatre, San Francisco.

free, public invited, lots of free parking

Ben Ridgway Cosmic Flower Unfolding screenshot03web

About ASIFA-San Francisco

(from the ASIFA-SF website)

A Little History

The San Francisco chapter of ASIFA began after Prescott Wright traveled to the Annecy Festival in 1973. At first, there were hurdles to overcome, as the founding French chapter insisted that ASIFA chapters could only be organized on a national (not regional) basis, and ASIFA-Hollywood (formed in 1962) was the organization that the international body recognized. But with support from the local animation community the San Francisco Animation Association was begun.

Informal meetings were held at Imagination Inc. (virtually the only game in town for professional animation at that time), followed by open membership meetings at the Canadian Consulate’s screening room. As the word spread, many amateur animators and enthusiasts joined the organization.

Eventually, our formal ASIFA-SF Charter was drafted in 1983, with Prescott Wright as Founding President, and Jeff Hale, Margaret Hale, Geraldine (Frerks) Clarke and Rudy Zamora Jr. as the Board of Directors.


Over the years, ASIFA-SF has formed its own, unique personality (like that of the Bay Area) with a committment to personal vision and artistic expression thru animation.

Our current president is Karl Cohen, who has served continuously since 1992. An instructor at S. F. State University (in Animation History), Karl writes and edits the ASIFA-SF newsletter which is beloved around the world as a comprehensive source for animation news and opinions. Informal elections are held in January of every year.

ASIFA-SF gathers over 300 professionals, students and aficianados who share, create and promote the art of animation here and around trhe world. Members enjoy screenings, lectures and other events year ’round. If you’ve read this far, shouldn’t you be a member too?

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