Cellular Circuitry – full version online

I just uploaded the full version of my film “Cellular Circuitry” to Vimeo. Please watch, enjoy, and share 🙂

“Cellular Circuitry” is a stream of digital sculptures and soundscapes that dynamically transmute between organic and circuit-like motifs. It is a reflection of artificial versus natural systems animated in such a way to show that they are intimately connected to one another. My goal was to closely link the visual changes on screen with a mix of natural and digitally sourced sounds. Some sounds are meditative and inviting while others are edgy and alien. They are an audial parallel of what the viewer is seeing and changes in sync with the morphing visual forms they represent.

DIRECTOR’S CHOICE – 32nd Annual Black Maria Film Festival | USA tour, Rome, Italy | 2013

Anima Mundi 2012 | Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo | South America | 2012
Animasyros 5.0 | Hermoupolis, Syros | Greece | 2012
Selected screening/Presentation – Cine Toro 2012 | Toro, Colombia, South America | 2012

Savannah International Film Festival | Savannah, GA | 2013 | INFO TBA
San Jose Short Film Festival | San Jose, CA | 2012
screening/Installation – Currents 2012 | Santa Fe, NM | 2012
Northwest Animation Festival | Portland, OR | 2012
SoCal Film Festival | Huntington Beach, CA | 2012
Athens Animation Festival | Athens, NY | 2012
Wheaton Beard and Weil Galleries | Wheaton College, MA | 2012
Detroit Windsor International Film Festival | Detroit, MI | 2012
screening/Installation – Visionfest | Brooklyn, NY | 2012
ASIFA San Francisco Spring Show | San Francisco, CA | 2012
Woods Hole Film Festival | Woods Hole, MA | 2012
SoDak Animation Festival | Brookings, SD | 2012
Fresh Off The Grill Fest | Detroit, MI | 2012


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