About Triboluminescence

“Triboluminescence” is a glimpse into a glowing, pulsating world of gyrating shapes and atmospheric sounds.

Film Description – The film “Triboluminescence” gives the impression of constant movement and a seamless unfolding of glowing abstract forms. It is intended as a digital muse and an opportunity to engage in a world of abstraction that has it’s own intrinsic meaning and message. The movie is a syntactical arrangement that does not rely on words. Rather, it is designed to stimulate archetypal associations and invites the viewer to make personal connections to the visual and auditory experience without any reliance on narrative.

Techniques Used – “Triboluminescence” is a digital creation using a combination of 3D and compositing software. The animated unfolding of objects and light that you see in the film was created using a simple mathematical solution. Each sculpture piece is attached to an invisible square plane with a hole in the center that is exactly half the size of the square. As the square expands, eventually the hole in the center of the square becomes the same size as the original size of the square. By continually expanding the series of squares in a linear procession by powers of two, each piece scales from an imperceptibly small size to an incredibly enormous size with no gap between the squares. This procession is a cycle where the last square in the series seamlessly combines with the first.

tri·bo·lu·mi·nes·cence [trahy-boh-loo-muh-nes-uhns, trib-oh-] –nounPhysics. luminescence produced by friction, usually within a crystalline substance.


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