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BEN RIDGWAY – Associate Professor – San Francisco State University

I use digital art, animation, and sculpture as a means of making the metaphysical side of reality into tangible form. My work often focuses on dreams, visions, hypnogogic imagery, the concept of infinity, and the ephemeral nature of existence.

Art is an excellent means of making internal mind spaces into external expressions in the physical world. Outer space may be the final frontier in the physical world but inner space is far more accessible, just as vast and complex, and we have just begun to scratch the surface of it.


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  1. That is really very nice work and a nice style ever thought about rendering in full dome style would look amazing on our StratoSpheres …. see web site below or stratosphere.info … think planetarium on steroids and your close … 5 x 20’000 lumens edge blended running on a 6 channel solid state media server ….

  2. […] O animador norte-americano Ben Ridgway costuma criar animações abstratas que exploram imagens orgânicas e metafísicas, normalmente relativas a aspectos da vida e da interconectividade. O seu último filme, Cosmic Flower Unfolding, ganhou vários prêmios recentemente e vem percorrendo festivais de cinema em todo o mundo desde o ano passado. Psicodélico e de construção conceitual, o filme não possui narrativa. Pelo menos, não da forma como a conhecemos. Ele falou sobre o trabalho em seu site: […]

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